Nate Controls gives you the total intelligence package to control every aspect of the cultivation process in less time with
reduced energy costs. We formulated a methodology within a comprehensive system that results in a more
manageable and productive indoor farming operation.

Greater quality and consistency with less effort.
It’s the result when nature meets engineering.

Take away uncertainty and dependency by giving yourself the power to regulate every aspect of your indoor crop. Control elements such as humidity, temperature, nutrients, photosynthesis, lighting, CO2 concentration, soil moisture and temperature, and irrigation to customize the unique combination desired.

Taking Control

Integrated System

We provide an advanced framework to scale indoor crop production. Our systems are optimized by our cloud-based management portal.

In the portal, you can set and adjust environmental parameters based on real-time and historical data. The portal provides analytics directly from sensors and allows growers to monitor and customize each environmental element to enhance processes 24/7 for a higher yield and quality
product every time.



Our completely customizable cloud-based management portal gives you the power to select the level of elements for consistent and quality cultivation. With 24/7 monitoring of real-time data in a secure system that is accessible anywhere, you gain the insight needed to enhance functions that result in a higher yield.