In the cultivating process, lighting, irrigation, temperature, and climate are fundamental. Nate Controls engineers the way to monitor,
adjust, and set each variable to create unique recipes for growing crops.

Nate is the only system with distinct coordination of environmental factors that gives the grower a combination of data and technology
for complete control over production. The science behind a quality crop takes a specialized discipline. Nate brings engineering to nature
and that results in superior products.

Nature + Engineering

Nate Controls was formed in Austin, Texas by an expert team of engineers to bring science to nature. We created a comprehensive system incorporating lighting, thermostats, power meters, and custom software. Our product offers efficient indoor farming for consistent, precise product cultivation.

The Nate Controls technology takes guessing out of the equation and provides you with the tools
to cultivate a precise and consistent product.

Our Founders

With each of our founders having more than 25 years of experience fostering engineering solutions,
they bring a remarkable background of developing cost-effective designs using high-quality materials. Brad Claflin has
developed more than 500 electrical, embedded firmware and software systems, and mechanical design projects.
Keith Odland combines his expertise in engineering and technology from the semiconductor industry
to develop a remarkable, complete technology package for indoor and vertical farming.

Supporting Cast

The founders are joined on the team by ten engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring the latest growth technology to life.
They have a wide variety of backgrounds in various industries and areas of product development, performance enhancement,
and testing. The engineers along with the technical support staff, administrators, and customer service representatives all have a passion for bringing solutions to indoor and vertical farming.