Nate Controls was born from one simple idea: That it's smarter and more sustainable to use technology rather than chemicals to grow healthy plants. After designing and manufacturing products for other companies for 20 years, we knew we had both the passion and expertise to make that happen.

Nate emerged from an engineering services company with a team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers. With customers primarily in the military, aerospace, and industrial markets, the products we developed included LED light fixtures, industrial controllers, and sensors.

Nature + Engineering

We realized that we could leverage this expertise to build a system that brought together state-of-the-art grow lights, sensors and controllers married to cloud-based automation creating a system that helps cultivators grow smarter by boosting yield, improving quality, and enhancing consistency.


We proudly design and manufacture our products in Austin, Texas.  We’re just a small team of technology people, but we’re passionate about improving horticulture in a really big way.