L Series Overview
Technical Resources

L Series Grow Lights – New for 2017.

The N8 Controls L Series advanced horticulture grow light is a commercial grade, energy efficent,
LED light which offers high-power, superior uniformity, and a recipe-based plant management system
that produces consistent high-yield crops.

Higher Yield and Greater Consistency

Feature Benefit
High PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) Fast growth and high yields.
High Uniformity Consistent crop, minimal wasted light.
High Efficiency (photons/watt) Low energy bill.
5 Independent Spectral Bands Enables precise dosage control of key wavelengths for every stage/activity of the plant. Maximizes energy efficiency by minimizing unused light.
Powerful and Flexible Cloud-Based Recipe Management Interface Greater control and greater consistency across harvests.
Latest Generation SunPlus Lumiled LEDs High energy efficiency and precise targeting of wavelengths. All generated photons perfectly match the absorption peaks of the key pigments.
Integrated Wireless Connectivity
(Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)
Low installation and maintenance cost.
Leverages widely deployed and proven technology.
Seamless integration with sensors and modules.
Eliminates remote contactors and dimmers.
Passive Convection Cooling System Silent operation and high reliability with no moving parts.
Integrated Run-time Diagnostics and Monitoring, Email and Text Notification Maximum uptime. Lower risk to crops and reduced manual workload.
White Visual Inspection Light See true color of plants. Less fatigue for workers.
ECO Mode Enhanced energy savings when illumination is off.

Take Control with the L Series

The L Series is equipped with five independently controllable channels that are comprised of 464 LEDs. Primary wavelengths are centered at 450, 660, and 735nm, with mid-band channels for lime and cool white (5700K). The result is a full spectrum LED signature, delivering 1825 umols/sec with 1640 umols/sec falling in the PAR range of 400 to 700nm—the highest output of any LED grow light on the market today.