Grow Lights

The Nate Controls L2 advanced horticulture grow light is a commercial grade, energy efficient, LED light which offers high-power, superior uniformity, and a recipe-based plant management system that produces consistent high-yield crops.

Higher Yield and Potency—L2 produces more of the spectrum of light the plant needs to grow, resulting in less wasted energy and more robust yields and higher potency. In a side-by-side comparison of the Nate Controls L2 Grow Light vs. a 1000 watt HPS light, the L2 produced 15% higher yield and 9% higher THC.

Ultimate Control—Plants require different ‘recipes’ of light during different phases of growth. Typical growers move their plants under different lights during each growth cycle. L2 is fully adjustable, allowing the grower to dial in the optimal light for any plant in any phase of growth without moving plants.

More Consistent Crop—Typical lighting systems deliver a stronger light to plants directly under the fixture and a weaker light to plants at the edges, resulting in smaller, more vulnerable plants. L2 delivers a highly uniform light across the entire canopy, resulting in a consistent, robust crop.

3-year guarantee—Proudly designed and manufactured in Austin, Texas.

L2 Grow Light – Key Benefits video (2 min)

L2 Grow Light – Intro video (1 min)


The Nate Controls L2 provides the perfect spectrum for growing cannabis. My stalks are thicker and my flowers are denser than anything I have grown under HPS lighting. In addition to an overall healthier plant structure, I am seeing significantly increased levels of terpene and cannabinoid production. Pair that with the full controllability of each color channel independently, and there becomes no better option for me when it comes to lighting.Scooter, a boutique urban grower in Denver, Colorado
Nate Controls has become a real partner in our operations. More than a lighting provider, they have given us custom solutions that have improved our yields and our profits.Max Pollet, Master Grower and Co-Founder, The Flower Collective, Nederland, Colorado
Before I had the L2 fixtures in my grow, my plants were stressed and failed to thrive. Within days of setting up the fixtures, the difference was night and day. My plants are big, healthy and look great. This next harvest will be my biggest to date.Richard, Commercial Farmer, Fort Collins, Colorado

Take Control with the L2

The L2 is equipped with five independently controllable channels of high efficiency LEDs. Primary wavelengths are centered at 450 and 660nm with broadband channels for lime and cool white (5700K) and far red for photoperiodism at 735nm. The result is a full-spectrum signature delivering 1658 μmols/s, which is the highest output of any grow light on the market today.