Environmental Sensors – New for 2017.

N8 Controls Environmental Sensors provide continuous real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and
vapor-pressure deficit (VPD). This advanced sensor ensures the set-point of a grow recipe is
maintained and sends vital information to your cloud-based portal.

Optimal Temperature and Humidity Conditions

Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor provides high-accuracy air temperature and relative humidity data. This sensor can be easily mounted to a wall or to a stake placed in the soil. Keeping the temperature of your plants within your set point limits is not cheap or easy, but it is essential for healthy plants. Humidity plays an important role affecting the growth and yield of your crop as well as the spread of disease and mildew. Having accurate real-time data is the most critical part of maintaining control over these key parameters in your environment.

CO2 Level Sensor

Whether you are enhancing the CO2 in your grow room or just monitoring the natural levels, having an accurate sensor reading is important. Photosynthesis requires CO2 to convert energy from light. If your CO2 level is too low, then your growth is being inhibited and you may be wasting energy on light that is going unused. Track your CO2 levels relative to harvest quality and yield and be alerted if the levels fall out of tolerance.

Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

Knowing the soil moisture level and temperature will help you monitor and control your irrigation. Irrigation timers can’t compensate for day-to-day fluctuations in plant water use caused by changes in temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, water use increases as plants grow. Sensing the soil moisture level is the key to optimizing the irrigation for your plants. Water is essential for plant growth. If the level is too low, growth is reduced. If the level is too high, a precious resource is being wasted and this can lead to an unhealthy growth environment.

Light Intensity Sensor

The Nate Light Intensity Sensor measures the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) or the intensity of light in the wavelengths that are relevant for photosynthesis. If you are using grow lights to supplement sunlight or extend growing hours, monitoring the light level will help ensure that appropriate levels of supplemental light are being provided. If you have an indoor facility, then monitoring light levels to ensure proper grow light operation is a wise investment.

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Our Barometric Pressure Sensor is an important tool for both growers and processors. The effects of air pressure and humidity level are interrelated. Knowing both levels helps ensure the environment is optimized for healthy growth. Small changes in pressure can have a dramatic effect on plant drying and curing.

Put climate control for your crop in your hands with Nate’s sensing equipment.


  • Optimal temperatures
  • Consistent climate
  • Conserves water
  • Preserves nutrients