Our Cloud Ecosystem

You can’t fool Mother Nate, but you can completely control her.

The Nate ecosystem is comprised of five components: Our cloud software, an Automation Master, grow lights, sensors, and greenhouse equipment. Using the Nate Ecosystem, a cultivator can monitor, manage, and control the grow environment from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This gives visibility to the current and historical growing conditions and parameter setpoints and allows recipes to be created and fine-tuned over time.

The Automation Master and each L2 Grow Light executes a user-defined recipe based on time of day and day of growth.  Each L2 Grow Light follows recipe parameters that specify the desired light intensity and color.  Similarly, the Automation Master follows recipe parameters to perform closed-loop control of the greenhouse equipment by sending commands to one or more controllers to regulate air temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, irrigation times, and other control variables.

The system is flexible, enabling it to interface with a wide range of third-party greenhouse equipment.   It is also scalable, allowing hundreds of sensors and hundreds of controllers to be employed together in a single system.  Sensors, grow lights, and controllers can be grouped virtually in different ways to represent different rooms, different plant strains, or plants at various stages in the growth cycle.  Multiple sensors can be grouped together to provide an average reading for an area while also providing visibility into the uniformity of the grow environment.

Cloud Software

Our cloud-based software is the central part of our technology and works in harmony with our grow lights, sensors, controllers, and your greenhouse equipment.  The result is a fully-integrated system that monitors and controls the greenhouse ensuring repeatable and consistent results.  Recipes can be fine-tuned over time for each unique crop strain enabling the grower to maximize yield and enhance desired plant characteristics.

Key Functions:

Data Collection –  Information about the cultivation environment and the associated equipment is collected from a variety of sensors and stored in the cloud continuously and automatically.

Data Visualization – Current environmental conditions and equipment status is viewed on a live dashboard.  A variety of reports and charts enable the cultivator to make intelligent decisions and react based on historical trends and insight into the current status of the grow.

Monitoring and Notification – The sensor data and equipment status is monitored 24/7.  Anytime something goes out of the specified range an alert can be automatically sent out to a list of personnel via text, email, or voice message.  Appropriate staff is notified to ensure action is quickly taken to address an issue before it turns into a problem while reducing the risk of damaging or losing valuable crops.

Recipe Management – Recipes are created to specify the desired growing conditions based on time of day and day of growth.  All parameters affecting plant growth can be defined in a single recipe.  Different recipes can be created for each unique strain of plant or growing area.  Recipes can be fine-tuned over time to optimize the growing parameters.

Equipment Control –The cloud software enables the user to control greenhouse equipment manually or assign a recipe for autonomous control ensuring consistent and repeatable results.

Key Features:

  • Fully-Integrated System
  • Single Recipe Controls All Parameters
  • Data Logging
  • Data Visualization
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Notification alerts
  • Designed Specifically for Commercial Horticulture Facilities