Put the power to regulate key environmental factors at your fingertips with N8 Automation Modules. The HVAC Module provides precise control of heating, cooling, and humidity. Monitor and deliver the optimal CO2 concentration to maximize growth with the CO2 Automation Module. Irrigation and nutrient delivery work in conjunction with N8 sensors to provide exactly what your crop needs – every time.


HVAC and Humidity Module
Control temperature and humidity levels based on real-time data from the Nate system management portal. Fully compatible with the Nate sensor family, real-time information is transmitted to the controller so that the environment can be properly maintained.

CO2 Module
CO2 is a critical input to Photosynthesis. Plants can utilize CO2 concentrations levels greater than what occurs naturally which can accelerate grow and increase yield. The Nate CO2 automation module can help maintain desired CO2 level by adding it when the plants are under lit conditions and reducing emissions during dark periods.

Irrigation Module
Providing the correct amount of water during any grow phase is critical for healthy plants and maximizing yield. Working in conjunction with the soil moisture and temperature sensor the irrigation module delivers the appropriate amount of water every time.

Create the recipe you need for a successful crop with Nate’s Modules.


  • Greater consistency
  • Remarkable efficiency
  • Precise supply of elements
  • Manageable power usage

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